Vincent Kraft is an artistic photographer who likes to provoke your imagination. His eyes look for what will urge his audience on to disconnect from this world and invent their own.

Giving equal importance to both instantaneity and experimentation, Vincent Kraft likes to take risks. A versatile creativity that allows him to build architectures made of perspectives and vanishing points. He definitely is an original character, which is not a surprise when you look at his main sources of inspiration: Steve McCurry, Cartier Henri Bresson, Arno Rafael Minkkinen, and Christopher McCandless.

Vincent Kraft has since gained international recognition. His career has been marked by the publication of numerous photographs in books, and also by several international exhibitions, and more importantly the “Price of the Public” recently won at the “London Photo Festival”.


An artist has always more to share than its artworks. His universe and influences are just as important because they are essential keys to understand his work. Vincent Kraft has now revealed his most intimate asset: his personal logbook when traveling and capturing photographs.

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