For the past 10 years Vincent Kraft has been traveling over 200.000 Kms in 50 different countries.

This amazing journey gave birth to a new series of photographs and even to a first short movie to express the numerous elements the artist went through.

A sensitive and thrilling approach of our streets, but also the place of people in our society, surrounded by the abandoned vestiges of the past on our world.

Welcome in one of the most intense travel on our planet.


The short movie “O.U.T. IN THE STREET” reveals an aspect of the society where we, as humans, are living on. The whole concept is based on 4 fundamentals elements.

1. First this film is focused on telling you a story based on the principle of life’s circle for the humanity no matter where you are on the planet. Indeed the sequence plans are cut in a way to presenting the following 4 pillars : A “Man” who is moving on the planet using a “transport” to arrive somewhere and “establish” himself and this is where he will create his own “Story” in our world.

2. Then the cutting of this short movie has been done to express the escalation of the violence in our society. Every pillar is evolving very rapidly to show how things become more and more impactful within our lives. So the little man grow up, the way he is traveling evolves, such as the places he is establishing himself and his own story is getting more and more dark.

3. Thirdly the morale of this movie is shot through the scenes of the lift and the gun pointing to the camera. The more the story of our humanity is becoming darker the more something irreversible is about to happen. And like one of the directors who inspired Vincent Kraft for this short movie said: “the most important thing is not the fall but the landing”.

4. Finally the subject is an autobiography of Vincent Kraft, his life, his travels, his meetings. Indeed some of the scenes have been filmed in his home town where he grew up and with the people of his neighbourhood. The music too is also related to his childhood and his own story that Vincent Kraft now has partially shared with you.



The photographs of this new series reflects the short movie. They are an extract of what you could find in more details in each individual series: Streets, People and Abandoned.

A stressful and heavy atmosphere, fruit of our daily life no matter where we come from. A strong denunciation of our society and model of life.

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Men build their universes as scars on the surface of a planet they upset on a daily basis, like a constant affront to our eyes and streets. These photographs are the witnesses of the brutality of our urban environments, to which the screams of concrete are an inextinguishable echo. If you wish to see more photographs of this series, please visit the 'STREET' gallery.


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